The 2019-2022 Miss He Sapa Win, Lauren McNabb comes from the Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada. Lauren is the first Canadian to hold the Miss He Sapa Win title. She carries two spiritual names, one in Dakota and the other in Cree. Her Dakota name is Pehan Duta Mani Win, which translates to “Red Crane Walking Woman”, and was given to her in ceremony by the late Ken Goodwill of Standing Buffalo, SK. Her Cree name is Wahpi Muskwa Iskwew, which translates to “White Bear Woman”, and was given to her by Joseph Deschamps of Louis Bull, AB.

Lauren is 22 years old and she attends Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. She is currently pursuing a degree with a Major in Education, and a Minor in Indigenous Studies. Lauren’s ultimate career goal is to help integrate Indigenous culture and knowledge systems into the standard westernized curriculum, and to help educate students about Indigenous people and their history. She is taking the time to learn and become more fluent and understanding of her Dakota language and culture and is eager to learn more about her ceremonies and traditions. She would like to use this to set an example to people everywhere that it is never too late to learn more about your cultural identity.

In her free time Lauren enjoys traditional beading and sewing, a gift taught to her by her eldest hunka siblings. She is constantly looking for ways to fuse the traditional talent and art with a modern flare, and has her dreams set on someday entering the competitive art market world. She also likes to spend her time sewing traditional outfits for herself and family and takes the time to teach those who are willing to learn.

As Miss He Sapa Win, Lauren would like to use her platform to promote higher education for Indigenous people and language revitalization. She encourages all students to strive for higher education for themselves, which will ultimately work to strengthen and empower the Indigenous community as a whole. She believes that Indigenous language is the heart of the culture and would like to hear it being widely spoken by people of all ages across Turtle Island.

Lauren is honoured to hold the title of Miss He Sapa Win and to take on all of the responsibilities that come with it. She is eager to represent the He Sapa Wacipi Na Oskate and to bring the title to different parts of the United States and Canada. She is thankful for the opportunities to come, and is excited to see what the future holds for her.