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Aside from her hopes and dreams for her homelands, she is passionate about language revitalization and cultural preservation. Taylor created a language learning group on Facebook to help anyone who is wanting to learn the Lakota language and has amassed over 14K members since its beginning. She is also passionate about cultural preservation and appreciates any opportunity to be able to share and educate about her culture and heritage.


Taylor is honored to be given the opportunity to represent Miss He Sapa Win and the Black Hills Powwow. She has been attending the celebration since she was young and watched many of the incredible women before her take on the responsibility as well as the beauty of the title. She admired and watched them during their reigns and strives to be on par with the legacies they’ve left. Taylor enjoys attending powwows and celebrations throughout native country and is excited to represent at her favorite gatherings as well as new ones.


She believes this is only the beginning of an exciting journey and cannot wait for the opportunities and experiences to come. She is also excited to share her journey

with everyone and hopes to meet many people along the way!


Wopila Tanka!


Taylor Campbell

Miss He Sapa Win 2022-23 - Taylor Campbell is from Manderson, South Dakota and is an enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Her Lakota name is Wicahpi Wacin Win, meaning Dancing Star Woman and was given to her by her grandmother, Shirley Campbell. After graduating high school in 2016 from Red Cloud Indian School, she spent a year at the University of South Dakota before transferring to Oglala Lakota College. She then transferred to NDSU where she currently attends. Taylor is 24 years old and resides in Moorhead, MN.

Taylor is currently a junior at North Dakota State University and is pursuing her bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Her dream is to utilize the experience and knowledge she gains from this field to help her home reservation and community by starting and creating businesses needed to maintain a thriving economy. She grew up on the reservation and is deeply connected to the lifestyle and culture that enriches it and hopes that through her dream, others can also see the beauty that lies within it

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