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Wambli Charging Eagle - Final 4th Year Memorial Mens Grass Dance Special

Sponsored by The Charging Eagle Family and Friends

Prizes TBA (updates on the website and Facebook)  


Miss He Sapa Win Lauren McNabb - "Honoring her Tiwahe" Men's Traditional Special

1st- $1200 Buffalo Robe, Beaded Pipebag

2nd-$1000 Starblanket, Beaded Pipebag

3rd-$800 Starblanket, Beaded Pipebag

4th-$600 Starblanket, Beaded Pipebag

5th-$400  Starblanket, Beaded Pipebag

*Must be registered in the men's traditional category to participate

“Violence Against Women is not Traditional

Even in Thought, Respect Women”  Women’s Traditional (Northern Style) Special 18 & Over

Sponsored by Native Women’s Society of the Great Plains

1st Place $1,000, 2nd Place $300, 3rd Place $200

Sandra Black Bear Memorial Special

Sponsored by Maza Wakpa Tiyospiye

Golden Age, Women Traditional, Teen Girls Traditional & Juniors Girls Traditional 3 winners and 2 consolations in each category over $7000 in prize money.

Queens of the He Sapa Wicaglata Special

Sponsored by Jennilee Rooks

1st-Jackets, Shawls and ribbon skirts & $900, 2nd-sweaters, shawls & $600, 3rd-shirts, shawls $300 - Teams of three

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